Digital Marketing What really is it?

Digital marketing has become a very popular word but a very confusing term; Due to the expansion and growth of the internet it is imperative to have good online exposure for any Practice or Businesses. The most popular search engines such as: Google, Yahoo & Bing, dominate the online landscape. 

Social media channels such as: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Tik Tok and Pinterest provide “BRANDING” exposure as well. 

We also add “Reviews” to the list as one of the most important and accessible resources of communicating a product or service. 

Online Reputation is key! How many times have you changed your mind before buying a product just after briefly reading a couple of bad reviews? 

Additionally, the popular “SEO” or “Search Engine Optimization a term that has been perverted due to individuals and companies who aren’t aware of the many factors that come to play when you are utilizing such a great strategy to increase visibility and positioning to be relevant without paying tons of money in (PPC – Adwords) the ability to grow and scale organically. PPC & Adwords is not made for every business, our service gives you the advantage of showing at the top of the results page depending on your daily budget. Furthermore, the Website, base, and foundation of your business is where people will land in order to see your services or products. We assist in making it friendly, quick to load, having a call of action, capable of optimization; This is a pretty-quick 20,000 ft explanatory view of how we at Hashtag Digital Marketing show our consumers our knowledge and capabilities to be found online the same way you find us!

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