Google Ads & Display

“Hashtag Digital Marketing develops actionable strategies & plans to hit your Goal”

What is PPC or Ad-Words

We are sure that you have heard this terms: PPC, SEM or Adwords, Yes is Paid Advertising which is the fastest way to drive instant and relevant traffic to your website? What can your website do without traffic? Without traffic, you are losing time, opportunities, and business to your competition.

If you are looking for instant online traffic to your website and targeting your ideal consumer with targeted ads that are triggered by search and are set to only appear at a certain time for a specific audience, geographic location, or are set to appear at high traffic websites you selected, then Paid Ads is for you.

Know what your ideal consumer is genuinely interested in...

We will make strategies based on descriptive & accurate data provided by you and we will create campaigns that are backed by top industry trends. Because remember great campaigns need great insights

“A plan is only an idea until it’s executed”

We just not only execute our plan persistently, doing everything to get to your results, but also we will be as much crystal clear & detailed as possible. Increase your businesses online exposure, brand awareness, and have Hashtag Digital Marketing deliver real-time detailed and transparent reports with amazing ROI on impressions, clicks, and much more… 

We provide a very Detailed & Transparent Reporting.

Hashtag Digital Marketing platform will provide monthly detailed and transparent reports in which will detail how many impressions and clicks have been generated but in addition these detailed reports can also track and display that we have generated more phone calls and store visits, resulting in a great return on your marketing investment.

Social Media ADS

Social media advertising is a way to target audiences on specific networks through demographic information so targeted consumers can see your brand in their feeds. And it works really well when done right. … You have to be strategic with your (Ad-spend), content selection, targeting frequency and audience demographics.

We provide a very Detailed
& Transparent Reporting.

Recapture qualified leads with strategic retargeted advertising. Your marketing campaigns may do a great job at driving traffic to your site, but often, first-time site visitors aren’t ready to convert. This doesn’t always mean you have a poorly converting site; it may just mean that a lot of your site visitors aren’t quite at the end of the buying cycle—or at least not ready to make a purchase—no matter how impressed they are with your brand. At the end of the day, getting users to take action online is a very difficult process that is based on a multitude of factors, not all of which are in your control. This is why retargeting is such an effective channel for online lead generation and sales acquisition.

Retargeting (also known as “Re-marketing”) is a creative and powerful form of display advertising that tracks your site’s visitors and “Retargets” them with ads on specific websites so you get a second or third chance to bring them back to your site, appeal to them when they’re further down the buying cycle, and convert them into happy customers. At national positions, our marketing analysts have years of experience leveraging retargeting to drive more qualified traffic back to clients’ sites, increase their conversion rate and optimize profits.

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